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The Lakers still have work to do getting to the playoffs — inspiring as Wednesday’s come from behind victory over New Orleans may have been (33-9 in the fourth quarter! 20-0 over the last 6:46!) it was in the end an all-too-difficult win they were supposed to get anyway, against a Hornets squad apparently determined to gift wrap the game — but no matter what happens, this last stretch of games has provided a fantastic chapter in the already well-stocked Book of Kobe Bryant.

The line vs. New Orleans was top shelf stuff: 42 points on 14-21 from the floor, 11-14 from the line, 12 assists, seven rebounds, a block, and a jaw jut. 18 points in the fourth quarter, including 7-8 shooting.

He was absolutely unbelievable. Combined with an equally dominant performance on the defensive end in the second half for Dwight Howard and major support off the bench from Jodie Meeks, the Lakers escaped the Bayou with a critical victory. Should Kobe have to work this hard just to get the Lakers into the playoffs? No.

But the upshot for Lakers fans is games like Wednesday’s.

Here is the highlight package. Watch it, then watch it again.