Posted by on Mar 7, 2013 in Kobe Bryant, Lakers Analysis, Lakers Video | 5 comments

Not to discount the effort required of the Lakers to claw back from a 25-point deficit Wednesday in New Orleans to steal a must-win and continue their playoff charge, but the Hornets certainly provided some help.

Most notably on this play: With the Lakers up two and about 36 seconds remaining, New Orleans completely botched defending L.A. as they inbounded the ball after a timeout. By losing a man? Getting screened off? Tripping and falling?

No, by apparently forgetting which basket they were defending. The Lakers done gone and fooled ‘em. Basically, it’s the hidden ball trick, the Trojan Horse, yelling “Dead bird!” while pointing to the sky to distract someone, and that thing where you point to someone’s chest, say “What’s that?” and when the person looks down you take your finger and bop them in the nose all rolled into one.

Pelican’ts, I’d say.