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And down the stretch they come!

The Lakers picked up a big win Tuesday night against the Mavericks at Staples, effectively ending any realistic opportunity for Mark Cuban”s bunch to make the playoffs. Encouraging signs were abundant, including a triple double from Kobe Bryant, strong performances from Dwight Howard and Pau Gasol, and the return, even if only for a night, of Earlsanity! Still, it wasn”t the evening”s most significant development, as we note in the newest Kamenetzky Brothers Land O”Lakers Podcast.

Among the high points…

  • It was great to see the team”s stars play at a high level Tuesday, but the big takeaway: More good defense. The Lakers played three good quarters in Sacramento Saturday on that end, and then shut down the Mavs. That”s seven consecutive quarters of solid defense, something that hasn”t been said much over the course of the season. What accounts for the improvements? Is it sustainable? (3:00) 
  • Tuesday was also Shaquille O”Neal Jersey Retirement Night. Thoughts and impressions on the event, and questions of why exactly the media keeps picking at the no-longer active Shaq/Kobe rivalry. (7:25) 
  • The “We want Phil!” chants were out in full force Tuesday, as Lakers fans got a taste of Phil Jackson when he spoke during Shaq”s jersey ceremony. Yet another example of how Mike D”Antoni has to coach in P.J.”s shadow. Is there any shot D”Antoni gets fired if the Lakers miss the playoffs? Should he? (11:05)
  • Kobe Bryant says he”ll decide this summer whether or not he”s coming back beyond the final year of his contract, or will hang “em up after the 2013-14 season. We discuss why providing clarity to the Lakers sooner rather than later is so significant. (14:30) 
  • Who is to blame when a big pop star can”t get his pet monkey through customs in Germany? (18:50)
  • Another quasi-pop star now has a tattoo of actor Ryan Gosling on his leg, . But more importantly, if we had to have a living celebrity”s face tattooed somewhere on our bodies, who would be the best choice, and who would be the worst? A segment in which I display the sort of poor judgment preventing me from getting any tattoos at all. (23:00) 

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