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Only those living under a rock — a rock without wi-fi, radio, or any sort of contact with other living creatures — don't yet know the Lakers lost Kobe Bryant Friday to a torn left Achilles tendon not just for the remainder of this season, but potentially a chunk of next year, as well. The significance is difficult to overstate. The impact of Kobe's injury touches every aspect of Lakers basketball, from getting into and performing well in the playoffs to coaching to roster construction both next season and beyond.

So with that in mind, we hit the studio (or as it's known in the Kamenetzky Brothers Korporate Handbook, “Andy's house”) Sunday afternoon to break it all down.

Among the talking points:

  • Our reaction to the injury as it happened. What was it like to see Kobe go down, not just to a normal injury but something this substantial? Particularly in the context of a season in which he had beaten himself to a pulp just to get his team into the playoffs.
  • Where will the pair of free throws he hit before exiting rank on the list of Great Kobe Moments?
  • The basketball gods clearly hate this team. But just how much? We try to do the math.
  • How tough a road to recovery is Kobe facing? Andy provides some sobering numbers, but is Bryant the guy who can buck historic trends?
  • How do the circumstances surrounding Kobe's injury and the incredible workload he faced this month impact Mike D'Antoni's future in L.A.? Did L.A.'s coach break L.A.'s star?
  • How does Kobe's injury impact the team's future, next season and beyond?

Finally, why Magic Johnson would make the worst G.M. in the history of professional sports.

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