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p>In precisely two weeks, free agents and teams will be able to converse, and the NBA fireworks will officially explode. Until then, we drop a little “waiting game” ear candy. Among the talking points…

  • Before proceeding any further, be aware I”ve been battling a cough, and it acts up without warning. Should you hear the word “tornado,” immediately tear off your headphones to protect your ears. This is not a drill.
  • Per Ramona Shelburne, , which ends after the 2014 season. Should this be the case, what”s Bryant”s market value at nearly 36? Would he be wise to take a deep pay cut? Is playing alongside Bryant a strong or weak selling point for 2014″s marquee free agents?
  • Along these lines, would the prospect of additional years alongside Kobe perhaps steer Dwight Howard towards another team?
  • Word around the campfire is . That would require a sign-and-trade with the Lakers, who some think could be offered Blake Griffin and Eric Bledsoe in exchange. Is this a worthy haul? Would the Lakers ever trade a player of Howard”s caliber to their cross-building rivals? Should they?

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