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For this show, we decided to think outside the box and focus the majority of conversation around Dwight Howard joining the Houston Rockets. A bold approach, for certain, but we've never been afraid to buck convention. The show can be heard by clicking on the module, and below is a breakdown of talking points.

  • When Dwight Howard was traded to the Lakers nearly a year ago, even with his fickle reputation acknowledged, the idea of him bolting felt insane. By the time he decided to jump ship, a separation felt inevitable. What went wrong for Howard and the Lakers?
  • According to multiple reports, Kobe Bryant's pitch to Dwight during last week's meeting was more of a direct challenge than bro hug. Clearly, the result wasn't a center inspired. Did Kobe overstep his boundaries or does Dwight just not get it?
  • Did Jim Buss choose Mike D'Antoni over Howard (and, by extension, Phil Jackson)?
  • Speaking of Jimmy, his reputation among Laker fans is hardly rock solid. How much will it further suffer as a result of losing Dwight?
  • And speaking of Dwight, there's a prevalent narrative stating he got the hell outta Dodge because he couldn't handle the pressure that comes with being a Laker. Is this actually fair?
  • In any event, the Lakers have no choice but to move forward. With that in mind, their first free agent acquisition has been announced: Chris Kaman! Was this a good use of the entire mini mid-level exception? Is it a sign of the impending approach for filling out the remaining roster holes?

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