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Well, the Kawhi Leonard deal is done, and he’s heading north. Very north. About as far from Los Angeles as Gregg Popovich could send him, really. The Toronto Raptors took this year’s version of the OKC gamble, shipping DeMar DeRozan and stuff to San Antonio for the disgruntled star. So will it work out as well for Masai Ujiri as it did for Sam Presti? Did the odds of Leonard coming to L.A. next summer go up or down with the deal?

To get some insight, we spoke with Eric Koreen, who covers the Raptors for The Athletic.

From there, we officially wrapped up L.A.’s Summer League effort, focusing on Josh Hart and what his performance might mean for the Lakers if it transfers to the regular season. (Spoiler alert: It’s, like, super helpful on a lot of levels.)

Finally, we look back at “The Dark Knight,” 10 years after its release. Super producer and ESPNLA’s resident nerd Adam Braunstein sits in.