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Lakers coaches will tell you they’re not a bad defensive team, per se. In the half court, the numbers aren’t necessarily dominant, but they’re not awful, either.

What they are, they’ll say, is a horrible transition defensive team.

d-fenceLooking at the Synergy numbers, it’s hard to argue the point. The Lakers are the league’s 11th ranked half court defense measured by points-per-play at .886. Historically, 11th won’t win a title, but it’s also not a figure leaving the Lakers defense open to the sort of mocking and derision received from fans and media on a near-hourly basis. In transition, though, the Lakers are a total disaster. They rank 24th, allowing 1.167 points per play. Compounding the problem: No team in the NBA has been put in transition more than L.A., who have faced 903 such possessions, over 30 more than the next closest team (Sacramento). Even taking pace considerations away, a league-leading 14.4 percent of their defensive possessions come in transition.

Not surprisingly, then, no team in the NBA has allowed more transition points, at 1,054. Even the slowest teams in the league run on the Lakers, because why wouldn’t they?

Compounding the problem, the Lakers don’t compensate with easy points at the other end. Their half-court offense is the league’s sixth best (.92 ppp), but L.A. is 23rd in transition points (1.086) and have the fifth lowest percentage of transition plays, at 11 percent. So when Kobe Bryant says things like “Transition defense is the most important thing,” as he did following Sunday’s win over Atlanta, he’s not off base.

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