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PODCAST!!! Kobe Bryant’s minutes, Taylor Swift’s belly button, Bill Cosby and social media, Thanksgiving

Posted by on Nov 26, 2014 in Byron Scott, Chris Kaman, free agency, Jeanie Buss, Jerry Buss, Jim Buss, Justine Sacco, Kamenetzky Brothers Land O'Lakers Podcast, Kobe Bryant, Los Angeles Lakers, Mitch Kupchak, Opinion | 2 comments

Fourteen games into the season, the Lakers are 3-11, with Kobe Bryant clearly gassed and the injury bug continuing to bite. (Poor Xavier Henry.) And as a gander at the schedule reminds, it’s gonna get a lot tougher before it gets even theoretically better.

Um… Happy Thanksgiving? (Unless you’re rooting for the Lakers to keep their lottery pick, in which case, Happy Thanksgiving!)

The show can be heard by clicking on the module, and below is a list of talking points. Among the highlights.

  • Fourteen games into the season, it’s grown clear Kobe Bryant is beyond exhausted upon averaging nearly 36 minutes per game at age 36 on the heels of two significant injuries. Byron Scott’s solution? Keep those minutes as is, but limit Kobe’s practice time. On several counts, this is a terrible approach that also perhaps speaks to the coach’s troubling mentality.
  • Once again, Kobe’s Kontract has become a topic of discussion. We explain why Bryant simultaneously has a point and misses the point while defending his salary.
  • We take a look at some big stories around the NBA. Nike tries to pull a fast one on Allen Iverson. Hornets Forward Jeff Taylor opts not to appeal his 24-game suspension for a domestic abuse incident. Chris Kaman doesn’t believe in Big Foot. (Seriously. He said this.) Can the Clippers and/or Cavaliers right the ship after a sluggish start?
  • In our new “Not Sports Story” segment, we break down Taylor Swift’s mysterious refusal to show her belly button. What’s up with that?
  • We continue with new segments, this one called “Person of Interest.” We take a look at the new-but-old allegations of Bill Cosby and sexual assault, and the way social media now completely dictates what collectively grabs our attention as a society.
  • It’s time for AAK!!! The theme? Thanksgiving! Will the Lakers finish with more wins than guests at the Kamenetzky dinner table on Thursday? Do the K Bros partake in Black Friday?  Which of us is the bigger eater and the bigger drinker during the holiday? How much do Kobe Bryant’s teammates get to eat while celebrating with The Mamba?
  • Finally, a new segment called “Mitch Kupchak explains something.”

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above to play, or just download the show here. Hope you enjoy it. To subscribe to the podcast via iTunes, click here. You can also find us on by heading here.

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Podcast!!! Kobe v. Dwight, Swaggy’s P and T, Byron Scott, Steve Ballmer, and Robin Williams

Posted by on Aug 16, 2014 in Byron Scott, Carmelo Anthony, Donald Sterling, Dwight Howard, Greg Monroe, Jeanie Buss, Jerry Buss, Jim Buss, Kamenetzky Brothers Land O'Lakers Podcast, Kobe Bryant, Lakers Analysis, LeBron James, Opinion | 1 comment

A few weeks ago, it was silly season. Now, it’s slow season, but that doesn’t mean “no” season! (As in no-thing to talk about… I’ll show myself out.) As training camp creeps a little closer by the day, there is definitely some ground to cover.

The show can be heard by clicking on the module, and below is a list of talking points. Among the highlights…

  • A look at the latest headlines. DeMarcus Cousins had an injury scare practicing with Team USA. He should be fine, but does this add to the concerns about NBA players’ offseason commitments? Steph Curry says he’s a better offensive player than LeBron James. Believable? And speaking of LeBron, he and Carmelo Anthony are really, really skinny.
  • The Lakers have an official schedule, but given how the team isn’t realistically in contention, the specifics feel inherently less exciting. For example, are fans (much less the participants themselves) still geeked to see Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard finally square off more than one year after their separation? Generally speaking, the stakes aren’t pressing, and stakes are what make schedule intriguing.
  • Having said that, the Lakers play 28 nationally-televised games this season despite strong odds of missing the playoffs. Safe to say, Kobe remains one helluva draw.
  • What does it do for Byron Scott’s legacy with the Lakers if he ends up a rousing success as a coach?
  • How does the Lakers’ apparent non-pursuit of Eric Bledsoe and Greg Monroe feel with the players reportedly set to accept respective qualifying offers from Phoenix and Detroit?
  • We discuss Brian’s recent article for The Cauldron about Steve Ballmer taking over as owner of the Clippers, and how it changes the L.A. basketball landscape.
  • It’s time for AAK!!! What doubles tournament sport would the K Bros fare best at? Is it possible to barbeque a Hot Pocket? How long should one wait before dating again after the death of a treasured pet lizard?
  • We take a look at the life, legacy and career of Robin Williams.


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Podcast! Pau’s complaints, the future of Swaggy P, the NFL N-Word penalty and Harold Ramis

Posted by on Feb 27, 2014 in Kamenetzky Brothers Land O'Lakers Podcast, Kobe Bryant, MarShon Brooks, Mike D'Antoni, Mitch Kupchak, Nick Young, Pau Gasol, Podcast |

Only 24 games left this season. We promise. No give backs.

The show can be heard by clicking on the module, and a list of talking points is below. Among the highlights:

  • We take a look at the latest headlines. Jason Collins jerseys are in huge demand. Ray Felton is arrested on gun charges, the latest incident in a disastrous Knicks season. The NBA is considering a bigger court and a four-point line. Our thoughts?
  • After Tuesday’s loss to the Pacers, Pau Gasol issued public complaints about the team’s style of play and an overall lack of discipline. He and Mike D’Antoni have well-documented issues and will never see eye-to-eye, but are these gripes more than just a player venting against his coach? Is MDA failing to keep his players, particularly young newbies Kent Bazemore and MarShon Brooks, in line?
  • We introduce a brand new segment called, “Should The Lakers Bring This Guy Back Next Year?” In which we ask, “Should the Lakers bring this guy back next year?” Reasonable money and contract length assumed, of course. First up, Nick Young, who has  a player option for next season he’s widely expected not to opt. Does Swaggy P play a role in this team’s future, and will his relationship with the rather fetching rapper Iggy Azalea hinder the chances of retaining him?
  • The NFL is expected to institute a new rule penalizing players for on-field use of the N-Word. Is this a good idea? How prevalent, in our experience, is the word in the NBA workplace? Would the Association ever consider following the NFL’s lead?
  • It’s time for AAK!!! Would we rather attend our favorite band’s final concert, or our favorite team’s Game 7 with a title on the line? I share the very weird details of my worst date. And finally, we talk about our favorite movies from the recently departed Harold Ramis.

Click above to play, or just download the show hereHope you enjoy it. To subscribe to the podcast via iTunes, click here. You can also find us on by heading here.

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Podcast! Trade deadline reaction

Posted by on Feb 21, 2014 in Jim Buss, Kamenetzky Brothers Land O'Lakers Podcast, Kobe Bryant, Lakers Analysis, Lakers Audio, Lakers News, Mike D'Antoni, Mitch Kupchak, Opinion, Pau Gasol, Podcast | 4 comments

So Thursday noon has come and gone, and what did we learn? The trade deadline is but a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more; it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

Full disclosure: The first sentence is totally original, but most of that next part was borrowed from Macbeth. Still, it’s nonetheless fair to say Trade Deadline 2014! was a relative bust, without a whole lot of action locally or across the Association. The Lakers made their move Wednesday night, sending Steve Blake to Golden State for MarShon Brooks and Kent Bazemore. The day’s big blockbuster (relatively speaking) involved sending a B-ish player (Evan Turner) to Indiana for a once-pretty awesome wing (Danny Granger). The move could absolutely impact this year’s title chase, but overall the day was defined by Twitter waiting around for something cool to happen.

But good news! In this case, “nothing” means something. Thursday was still important for the Lakers, for different reasons. Click on the module to listen, navigating with the helpful list of talking points below…

  • Breaking down the Blake deal. Did the Lakers get anything they might be able to use going forward?
  • Thursday, Mitch Kupchak said they don’t consider the repeater tax to be a big issue. Is he being genuine? Should the Lakers be more concerned?
  • Do the Lakers overvalue their own guys? Do they know how to operate from anything but a position of great strength?
  • No first rounders and few second rounders changed hands Thursday. Stars, or the closest thing this market had to offer, generally stayed put. What does this say about today’s NBA, and how does that impact the way in which the Lakers will have to rebuild?
  • Evaluating the more significant deals. Blake to Golden State, Turner to Indy, and…, mostly that.

Finally, does the methodical, unhurried nature of Mitch Kupchak’s speaking style hurt the Lakers as the deadline gets down to the final moments? We investigate.

Ultimately, the Lakers are today more or less what they were on Tuesday, a disappointing development for those (understandably) hoping they’d be able to pick up some assets. Back to the drawing board.

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Podcast! Pau stays, Shawne goes, Kobe’s All-Star plans, phobias, and a new role for Jim Buss?

Posted by on Jan 9, 2014 in Jim Buss, Kobe Bryant, Lakers Analysis, Mike D'Antoni, Opinion, Pau Gasol, Podcast, Steve Nash | 1 comment

I won’t lie. These are difficult times for the Lakers. The future, whether for Pau Gasol, Kobe Bryant, or the franchise as a whole, is uncertain at best. Fans are growing restless. And the losses continue to pile up. Were it not for this podcast, the season would be downright unbearable.

You’re welcome.

The show can be heard by clicking on the module and a list of talking points can be seen below.

  • We take a look at the latest headlines. J.R. Smith and Shoelace-Gate. (In related news, the Knicks are now shopping Swish.) Ray Allen and Spike Lee are mulling a “He Got Game” sequel. The Clippers are reportedly considering Sasha Vujacic and Hedo Turkoglu as new roster additions. After a very productive stint with the Bulls, Andrew Bynum is on the verge of becoming a free agent.
  • Pau Gasol survived yet another round of trade rumors, this time a deal that would have sent him to Cleveland (for Bynum) in little more than a salary dump. The Lakers held out for a bigger haul. Did they overplay their hand?
  • With his contract on the verge of becoming fully guaranteed, the Lakers opted to waive Shawne Williams. We take a look at his brief time as a Laker.
  • If Kobe was back on the court just barely before the All-Star Game, would the league actually force him to participate?
  • We introduce a new segment called “Indefensible Positions,” where we each attempt to make a case for absurd scenarios involving the Lakers.
  • It’s time for AAK!!! What are our strangest phobias? What musical artist would we most like to record with? Which current or former Laker would we send to North Korea with Dennis Rodman?

Click above to play, or just download the show here. Hope you enjoy it. To subscribe to the podcast via iTunes, click here. You can also find us on by heading here.

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