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JAWS, 1975

I have two boys, the oldest having just turned three, and we’re currently trying to sleep train the baby. Quality rest is for adults at my place is, to say the least, hard to come by.

So full confession: Sitting on my couch last night, I watched the Lakers tussle with Phoenix in what was for the most part a “good enough” game. L.A. wasn’t sharp, but kept Suns at arms length. For a team that hadn’t won a road game since the calendar flipped to 2013, “good enough” was good enough. Particularly at the start of a critical seven-game trip. Style points are for teams already in the top eight.

At some point, though — I believe it was near the six minute mark of the fourth — the power of a comfy sofa, a semi-darkened room, and a relatively dull game won out. I dozed off. When I woke up, I felt a little like Rick in “The Walking Dead”, when he wakes up in the hospital discovering the world had become an undead playground.

“What the ****?”

“Oh,” general contractor
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said a friend of my wife’s staying with us for a couple days, “the last three minutes weren’t very good.”

No, they weren’t.

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